peter, peter, punkin eater…

We’re headed to Hardin Farms in Grady, AR today to pick punkin, ride hay, tour haunted houses, get lost in the hay-maze, shop at the mercantile, and eat some down home country cookin’ from the Farm’s Restaurant.

Will post pics when I get back.

On the writing front, I got a lot accomplished yesterday on Bite Me! plus I heard back from Deidre, the wonder agent, and she loved my most recent proposal. Which is a good thing, because I love it, too. As in, I think I would’ve died a little if she hadn’t responded with pure excitement…because this story is just so fun. Anyway, I’m tweaking it this weekend in hopes that it will soon hit the desks of editors who love it enough to pay me lots and lots of dough for it.

Last night, we had a girl’s night out with my best friend from high school and three of my friends from college, because PamPam is the first in our group to turn 40. Yes, I know I’ll be there soon enough, but I am not next, therefore, I am very happy. Not that I dread turning 40, because I don’t. I just think being skinny and rich will ease the pain a little more, so I’m working very hard to make that happen…LOL We had a good time reminiscing about our old party days. (them, not me. I was an angel) I haven’t laughed that hard in forever. My God I had forgotten a lot. (on purpose? probably) All I know is, I am certainly glad there were no digital cameras around back in the late 80s early 90s.

So what are your plans this weekend? Punkin patches? Boozing it up? Anyone letting their naughty river flow?

In honor of PamPam’s birthday and for her brand new baby, I offer you this video. (Am I the only one in the world who misses Axl Rose?)

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