on the road again

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. First, Sockmonkey and I went to Florida for 10 days. Which was Teh Awesome. We were home 1 week before I had to drive to Oxford for a few house showings.

The showings were positive, but no offer.

Last week, we had more calls, so I went to Oxford again. Another positive showing but no offer.

This week, we took the plunge, marked the house down to FIRE SALE price and now I’ll be going back to Oxford on Friday…for what I hope will be the final weekend as Oxford homeowners.

So I’ve noticed a very scary trend while traveling lately. The route I drive from Little Rock to Oxford is trucker heavy. And I drive a little bitty Honda Civic hatchback. I feel like a mouse among elephants when I’m on the road.

Imagine how scary it is when I pass an 18-wheeler only to see that the driver is talking on a cell phone. Not using a bluetooth earpiece. Nope. On the cell phone.

I started counting on my drive home Monday. I counted 23 truckers talking on their phone. 23! Can someone tell me what is wrong with that picture? Yeah. Scary stuff.

Dear Truckers, get a bluethooth earpiece or get off the damn road. kthxbai.

For today’s election post:

Have you checked your facts today? (links for information on both campaigns, not just the for the candidate I’m voting for)

  1. Palin’s Energy Claims
  2. Obama campaign belittling Palin
  3. Misleading information re: McCain’s School Funding record
  4. Twisting FactCheck.org’s findings

And for a completely biased opinion…please check out my friend, Gabrielle’s blog and my rant comment. Yes, I was feeling super passionate this morning. And yeah, there’s no question which side of the red/blue line I’m standing in this election.

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