where’s my coffee?

I can’t believe it’s Monday. I can’t believe it’s February. I can’t believe I haven’t left my desk in over a week.

I miss living. I miss working out. I miss real food.

I did finally shower yesterday. My family was thankful.

The Book That Will Not End is not done yet. It’s close. Soooo close, but not done. But it will be. Just you wait and see. And when it is, there will be a party.

BTW, look what the Universe sent me today:

How will you answer those, Melissa, who will one day look at your utterly amazing life, complete with good book deal and cool friends, and say, “Yeah, but for you it was easy”?

Huh, huh, huh?
The Universe

That’s kinda funny, huh? Good old Universe.

I’m back at Fictionistas today, after taking the last two Mondays off. Pop over and see me. But before you go, can you please fix me another cup of coffee? Thanks.

Also, my cross-continental buddy walked her first half-marathon and has documented it in a couple of posts over at FCR. Jump over there and congratulate her! I’ll be back over there sometime this week. When I finally peel my ass out of my chair and hit the pavement again.

  1. Day Before the Race
  2. Race Day

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