Thanks is not enough

It’s bizarre.

I sold BITE ME! January, 2007. I’ve waited and waited and waited for the day it will hit the shelves.

Yesterday, BITE ME! was finally available for pre-order. Like a good little author, I laid on my back and whored myself out proper. (apparently, I’m a blog tramp)

And you guys responded.

I don’t know how to thank you. Every time I sit down to write this blog, to write a proper thank you note, I freeze. You guys were awesome yesterday. You ordered my book, you spread the word (much like I spread my legs), you gave me what I needed and for some reason I can’t find the right words to express my appreciation. (I’m supposed to be a writer, so this is a little unusual for me)

So let me just say, Thank You.

Those words aren’t enough and I know it. But they’re definitely a start. I told a friend of mine last night that I didn’t know how to respond to such an outpouring of support and his response? “You deserve it.”

As simple as that.

Whether I deserve it or not, that was really nice to hear. And all the private emails, facebook comments, cheering and sparkling were overwhelmingly heart-warming.

I love writing and I love this series. And I love the fact that many of you have enough faith in me to buy my first book.

Do I deserve it? No. Not really. Do I appreciate it? Absofuckinglutely. Y’all are amazing. I am humbled. I don’t do humble, so give me a minute to recover, mmmkay?

And tomorrow, I will resume regularly scheduled unserious blogging. The topic is a google phrase: “Teach My Ass Melissa”

I give you this teaser free of charge. You’re welcome.

Dear Person from Germany who googled Teach my ass Melissa,
I’m going to need a little bit of direction.

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