THE MONTH OF MEL! winding down

Man, I sure am tired. You guys have worn me out this month. Or I’ve worn myself out. Whatever.

I’ve not done all the items you tasked me to do and I apologize. I should’ve prepared better. Next year, I will ask for your suggestions earlier so that I can plan ahead. (Totally a new concept for me–work with me here)

Last night I went out with some girls from the office and had the best time. I also ran into a friend of mine from high school. She and her friend joined us and the party began. What started out as Happy Hour wound up being a Girl’s Night Out. So much fun! and I was so glad they office girls asked me to join them. I feel like I’m in the circle of trust now.

I love the circle of trust, don’t you?

Tomorrow is my birthday party at Oaklawn. We’re going to have a large crowd as usual. Pictures will be taken and hopefully no liquid hate will be consumed like last year. That did not end well. I will NOT repeat that dastardly event. Ever again.

I’m also counting down to my trip to Orlando. I can’t wait to see Maria Geraci again and be her Bunco Bitch at her Bunco Bash at the Romantic Times Convention.

Thursday, April 23: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

THURSDAY: Come join Maria Geraci’s “Bunco Babes Bash”
“The Game that’s sweeping the nation!” A toss of the dice may bring you luck as you roll for prizes and enjoy refreshments, fun, and friends!
Prizes for High Bunco, Bunco Barbie, Bunco Bar Fly, Bunco Nazi… You get the drift, what happens at Bunco stays at Bunco. Come join us for the parlor game that has a long and “dicey” history!
Hosted by: Maria Geraci

I seriously cannot wait.

What’s going on this weekend for you guys? Anything fun?

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