haiku hatred

Yesterday, while on twitter, I joked about having an all haiku twittering day.

I was unprepared for the deluge of Haiku Hatred replies that I received. Totally unprepared.

I had no idea that people hated Haiku. How can you hate Haiku?

My new TBF (TwitterBestFriend) @jenthegingerkid (visit her online at http://jenthegingerkid.blogspot.com/) threatened to unfollow me if I twittered in Haiku. Of course, this devastated me. How could she unfollow me over Haiku? Everyone loves Haiku.

But then the @replies continued to pour in. Only three of my Tweeps encouraged me to Haiku. (and that @amiestuart only wanted me to so that @jenthegingerkid’s head would explode)

So I gotta know:

Why you be hatin’
What has haiku done to you
Don’t be a hater

I will admit to having to stifle the desire to haiku all day today. I also will admit another little secret that I don’t think @jenthegingerkid picked up on this morning…my first tweet to her was a haiku. My oppositional-defiant nature couldn’t resist.

MelissaFrancis: @jenthegingerkid
good morning my friend.
Did u get a good nt’s sleep?
Have u missed me much?

Oh yes. I’m good.

Of course, now that I’ve outed myself, will she forgive me or will she unfollow me? We shall soon see…

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