silly universe, trix are for kids!

Y’all know I get daily emails from The Universe. Lately dude has been deadly with his goodness. Here’s today’s note:

You know how every once in a while you get that feeling when you feel light as a feather, and YOU KNOW with every fiber of your body that everything is exactly as it should be?

Melissa, that’s exactly how you make me feel.

The Universe

and at the bottom of the message, there was this little gem:

Melissa, you are on track, you know exactly what to do, and everything is going to be “A OK.”

You better not be foolin’ with me, dude. Got that?

I received some good news yesterday, but I can’t share it yet. (No it’s not a book deal, so don’t go jumping to conclusions.) I will share as soon as I can.

Anything going on with you guys? Big plans for the weekend? Who am I gonna see in DC?

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