weekend recap

Nashville was fantastic! I haven’t downloaded my pics yet, but I will this week. It was so great to visit with Grant and his family and meet his girlfriend (who I liked tremendously). Despite my raging tiredness, I had a great time.

We had dinner at a steakhouse called The Stockyard. It was fantastic, but don’t go there unless you’re willing to spend a minimum of $50/person. Seriously.

Nashville is about a 4.5 hour drive from Little Rock (depending on traffic) but when you drive to and from in 24 hours, it can be a little grueling, so I spent Sunday trying to recover. I did that by hanging out with YA Author Stacey Jay and her little munchkins Sunday morning, then watching soccer in the rain Sunday afternoon. I know all my British friends think that’s how football soccer is supposed to be played, but trust me, I’m not that girl. Not as a spectator anyway. Now when I was actually playing sports, I loved playing in the rain. But it’s not fun as a fan.

Even though this wasn’t a holiday weekend, it felt like it. But today I’m well rested and ready to take on the world.

Anything good, bad, or ugly happen to you this weekend? Wanna share?

Mel+Chuck Bass=2gether 4ever

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