I was beginning to wonder if Blogger was ever gonna transfer me to the new blogger site. They finally did.

So, I redecorated. Whatcha think? I’m not sold on it yet, but I had fun playing with the colors.

Anyway, I’ll be away in Tupelo all weekend watching soccer. Lots and lots of soccer. District tournament is this weekend and both boys are playing. I’m also taking a book and some sunscreen. heh.

Last Friday, I met the Killerific Killer of Killer Rants!. I am working on a blog about that momentus occasion, but have been so busy this week, I just haven’t finished it.

I purchased myself two new toys this week:

a new phone: Samsung Blackjack

and a Dyson DC 17

Take note…this may be the last time ever I get excited about vaccumming. Will report back later…

6 thoughts on “finally…

  1. Oooo, nice toys. I need a new vacuum. Please do report back. I need one I can carry up flights of stairs, though… But I think dyson makes a canister style one now.Like the colours. Your photo looks amazing on the blue background.


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