wine with barbara samuel

A group of us met up with Barbara Samuel in the bar today. (I know you’re noticing a theme in each post, but honestly, what can I do?)

Barbara is so gracious and kind and such a good spirit. I’ve decided I’m going to follow her around and try to bottle her aura so I can sell it on eBay absorb it and make myself a better person.

I had a glass of wine and chatted with everyone and then met ArkansasCyndi who will become one of my BFFs after I move home to Arkansas. She’s awesome in every way that I think is cool.

Here’s a group photo. I am the one not pictured because I am the photog. Try not to be disappointed. I promise I’ll be in more pics later. Especially if we make it to Drag Queen Karoke…Oh yeah, we’re so going.Here are a few more pics, just cuz I’m feel generous.

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