day the first.

Well, today started off a little strangely because I didn’t have to be anywhere by a certain time. It was fuckin awesome. (no offense to my ex-fellow-co-workers. I know you understand.) When my alarm went off I woke up all on my own, I leisurely made a pot of coffee, then savored each cup as I checked my email and listened to Matt Lauer interview the dude who fell 45 feet off his skateboard.

After I showered, I dropped Charlie off at the vet and took the boys to Memphis on the hunt for uniforms. Khaki pants for Ian and navy thank-god-I’m-only-9-cuz-otherwise-i’d-never-get-laid workman pants for Rader. Both wear white knit tops. I promised to buy Ian a couple of pair of real pants instead of the typical Target uniform khakis, so we went to American Eagle first. My baby can wear a size 28 waist now. He’s all grown up. *sniff*

After our shop-a-palooza we went to Steak-n-Shake for a late lunch. Yummy.

While we’re driving back to Oxford, I get a call from our vet. Dr. Bart is a great guy, but I could tell he had some not so great news. (backstory, Charlie has this growth on his throat that has steadily gotten larger and larger. It has been tested several times and so far, no cancer) Well, Dr. Bart doesn’t know what it is still, but he knows it needs to come out because Charlie is struggling to breathe. However, because this growth is located on his throat, the prognosis isn’t great. He might not be able to remove the growth and if he does, there’s a very high probability Charlie won’t make it. He’s going to call me tomorrow after he opens Charles up to let me know.

This breaks my heart because Charlie found us. He adopted us. And no matter what a pain in the ass he can be (he’s part monkey, doesn’t like to stay in the fence) he’s still MY dog. He loves me endlessly. And I love him. And tomorrow, I might lose him. That sucks sweaty moose balls.

On a good note, tomorrow I get to see my friend Bevan who has been living in Kathmandu for the past nine months. I’ve put off heading to Little Rock a day just so I can see him. I can’t wait. Maybe he’ll be a bright spot in what could be a really bad day.

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