a touching holiday moment

Before I get to my story, let me first say that I am constantly surprised at the irony of Christmas. We spend days, weeks, months (okay, days) preparing for a holiday that is over in a matter of moments. No. Not moments. Milliseconds. Nanoseconds. Real Damn Quick.

This Christmas morning was no different. The boys were very happy with this morning’s haul of gadgets, games, books and clothes. Oh. And candy. Lots of candy.

My favorite gift of theirs was Guitar Hero, Legends of Rock. Oh yeah. I am the goddess of suck, but it sure is fun. (pictures may or may not follow, we’ll see)

Now onto the important part of this blog. My touching holiday story.

As you all may have read the other day, my momma was burglarized just one week before Christmas. It sucked…mainly because the assholes took only jewelry and most of what they took was irreplaceable in the sentiment department. Such as the pearl necklace that my daddy gave my momma the day my brother was born. Yeah, can’t really replace that.

But we tried.

The next day, I called a couple of jewelers and I managed to get a hold of Pat Baker of Baker’s Fine Jewelry in Bryant, AR. I told her what happened to Mom and said that I’d like to purchase a pearl necklace if they had the right size/length in the store. They did. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was for my momma, and honestly, I didn’t care. I’ll find the money somewhere.

I rushed to the store, purchased the beautiful strand, they wrapped it and I immediately took it to Momma’s and placed it under her tree. It was there for a whole week…thank God she didn’t see it. LOL

So today, after the kids had shredded all their presents and Mom was busy cleaning up, I made her sit down and open her special present.

I could cry right now, thinking about her reaction.

See the thing about my momma is, she doesn’t show emotion (other than anger, she shows that one really, really well.) Funny how opposite we are in that manner. I cry when I’m mad, I cry when I’m happy…I’m an indiscriminate crier.

I can now say I’ve seen my momma tear up twice in her life. Once when her momma died–and today.

It was the most special moment ever.

Thank you to the assholes who burglarized my mom’s house…because if you hadn’t taken that necklace, my family wouldn’t have been able to make this the most special Christmas ever for my momma.

She really liked the necklace.

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