my baby’s all growed up

Okay, maybe not all growed up, but close.

We had open house today at Catholic High. My baby is going to be a freshman in high school next year. I’m a little sad.

The dress code is slacks, button down collared shirt, and tie. So we made him wear the “uniform” to the open house today. His first tie. Awwwww.

He seemed to really like the school, despite his reluctance to communicate with words. I know that teens go through this period where the revert back to grunting Cro-Magnons, but I’m ready for us to move past the grunt and back to the land of words.

Maybe soon, we’ll see a real transformation. But right now, I’ll just have to be satisfied that we’re making forward progress. Here is a picture of where we are now:Mouth-breathing Cro-Magnon
Begin Transformation
Transformation stage 2
stage 3
End result. Gee, happy much???

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