birthday week, day two

Gold stars for Fishdog! He let me sleep in this morning. Of course, he should always let me sleep in, I am the Queen B.

So, Rader had a project to do on the 10 Commandments over the weekend. He had to build a shadow box demonstrating whatever commandment he drew out of a hat.


Can I just say, the boy rocks the Legos:
Wedding dress is made from the finest tissue paper in the house and a lovely red satin ribbon. I worked very hard o make sure the dress fit properly and flowed beautifully. I’m taking orders for future Lego weddings. Please hurry, there is already a waiting list.

The caption that you can’t read is the Priest saying: You may kiss the bride.
And then, you can see the guest in the backround saying: Why can’t I kiss the bride?

Oh yeah. Not only is he coveting his neighbor’s wife, he’s doing it at the wedding, in the CHURCH. Dude is gonna burn.

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