hot mess friday #2

Today we have two, that’s right TWO, hot messes for one. The first hot mess is not a celebrity–well, not yet anyway. With the publicity she’s been getting, she’ll be infamous before she knows it. And the 2nd hot mess? Well, he’s a celebrity…and he’s gonna be a baby-daddy.

Deborah L. Smith is a librarian in Poplar Bluff, MO. And like a good cliche, she refused to work the night the library held a promotion for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, fearing The Boss” would disapprove. (and by The Boss, I mean God, just in case you weren’t with me…). Her job at that function was to empty out bins and restock the books–not actively PROMOTE witchcraft..Unfortunately for Ms. Smith, her paying boss disapproved of her unwillingness to work and fired her.

So what does this newly out of work librarian do? She enlists the help of the ACLU and sues her former boss (not God) and the Library. Yep. That’s right. The ACLU. The very same ACLU who has spent countless hours writing letters to libraries and school districts who refused to stock the Harry Potter books or allow kids to check them out.

Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling
A Zeeland, Michigan school district banned students in grades K-4 from taking the Harry Potter books out of the school library and required students in grades 5-8 to obtain parental permission before withdrawing the books from the library. The policy also forbade teachers from reading the books out loud during classes. After the ACLU sent letters to the public schools, the district formed a committee to review the issue and rescinded the policy.

Poor Ms. Smith. She’s truly a hot mess. I understand her belief system (well, no I don’t understand it, but she does have a right to her beliefs) however, she was not asked to do anything out of the ordinary for those “witchcraft” books. She was just asked to do her job and was fired when she didn’t. Hmmm. I guess she’s hoping the ACLU will work some magic on her behalf. Oh. No. That’s not right. She’s hoping the ACLU will perform a MIRACLE…not work magic. My bad.

OTOH, maybe the ACLU is the true hot mess here. Pick a side, already! LOL Hmmmm. You decide.

Clay Aiken is gonna be a baby-daddy. Now you might think that’s news enough to qualify him for hot mess Friday, but wait til you read the details.

The mother is Jaymes Foster, who served as executive producer of his new album, On My Way Here, and is a close friend. The site said he stays at her home when he’s in Los Angeles.

Foster, 50, is due in August, and this will be her first child. She is the sister of hit producer David Foster. Aiken is 29.

The best part? Foster was artificially inseminated. I know. You’re shocked.

I have nothing to add to this. I mean, what can I really say? Seriously, I think Hot Mess Friday will just write itself.

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