where did my morning go?

Okay, busy day today. Here’s my to do list:

Got a hair appt in 45 minutes.

Have to finish laundry and pack…heading to Oxford tomorrow.

Waiting for manuscript from lovely editor so I can dig into one last round of revisions. Good thing I’ll be in Oxford…no interwebs at the house to distract me.

Gotta pick up my daddy’s Expedition to drive to Oxford so we can bring some stuff in the attic home with us.

Hopefully will rent the house out while there. Otherwise, I may have to cry.

Things I’ve accomplished since Friday:

Finished new proposal and sent it to Deidre.

Painted my toenails BRIGHT-ASS-HOLY-SHIT PINK

Registered my son for high school. (I am way too damn young to be the mother of a high school freshman)

Joined PASIC (Published Authors Special Interest Chapter of RWA)

Finally decided to have transmission rebuilt in the van.

So, what’s on your to-do list?

I’m not sure if I’ll be around much this week…depends on if my Oxford neighbors still have an open wireless network or not!

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