40 at 40

I turn 40 this year. That’s a pretty momentous occasion so I’m going to ring in this decade with style.

I’ve decided to rip off a friend of mine who did a “50 at 50” list and make myself a list of 40 things to do at 40 but I need your help because I don’t know if I can come up with 40 things. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

<–20-something Mel

39 year old Mel–>

40 at 40

  1. Run a 10K
  2. Train for and run a half-marathon
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Visit a place I’ve never been before
  5. Get waxed (Legs, pits and um…yeah. I’m gonna go there. All the way there. That will be some blog…)
  6. Meet with a financial planner
  7. See a professional (insert sport here) game
  8. See Staind in concert
  9. See Springsteen in concert (now that I’ve been properly recruited into his cult fanclub. However, I really shouldn’t add this to my list because I’m afraid that my recruiter’s ego can’t handle another stroke)
  10. Lose 2 sizes
  11. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry
  12. Get a passport
  13. Visit NY (yes, this could also be the “visit a place I’ve never been before,” but NY deserves its own line)
  14. Skinny dip in the ocean
  15. Go deep sea fishing
  16. Teach my son how to drive a stick
  17. Take a shot (or 2) of Patron (in the comfort and safety of friends who can handle Mel-on-Tequila. Have never had Patron but have been assured by many that it will change my life. It will definitely change the life of the people who witness this event, I can promise you that.)
  18. Take an unplanned road trip (although does putting that on my list make it a plan?)
  19. Get a housekeeper (at least once a month)
  20. Take up SLR photography again
  21. Write a short story or novella (never done this, dunno if I can!)
  22. Go camping in the mountains
  23. Plant a new gardenia bush
  24. Steal a summer kiss at sunset
  25. Take a winter vacation somewhere snowy
  26. Face time with each of my out-of-state friends
  27. Try at least 1 type of new (to me) food
  28. Go golfing (took lessons a few years ago but never made it to a golf course)
  29. Write a letter (not an email, a letter. To a friend or a family member. Someone who will appreciate the effort and hopefully someone who can decipher my chicken scratch.)
  30. Have a book launch party 😀
  31. Finish this list (for Marcus)

Okay, I’m only at 30, but if I complete THIS list, I think I’ll be doing pretty damn well. What do you think? Have any suggestions?

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