To my 2nd born…

Happy Birthday Rader!

Dear Rader,
It’s hard to believe that 11 years ago yesterday, I went to work having contractions and I had them all day. But I ignored them because frankly, you weren’t due for 3.5 more weeks. And I had been at a superbowl party the night before, so I figured it was just left over excitement from the game. Everyone had teased me that I was going to go into labor, but I laughed in their general direction.

So when I started having contractions, I wrote it off. They weren’t bad. And I had those stupid Braxton-Hicks things all the time, so why rush to the hospital unnecessarily?

By 10:00 that night, I was changing my tune. I told your daddy it was time to go. Those stupid “left over excitements” from the game were now coming in at three minutes apart. Now I was not going to have you at home, without medication. I’m sorry to say, your momma believes whole-heartily in better living through chemicals. Or in this case, better delivery through chemicals. So off to the hospital we went.
Yup, the contractions were real and they were coming in steadily–until 4 a.m. when they stopped. Um, not okay. I was hooked up, IV’d and ready to go, but apparently you had changed your mind. Doc gave me the option to get some drugs and force you out or go home and come back later. Yeah, I wasn’t going anywhere…sorry kid, it was time.

You were born ten hours or so later. It was a good delivery. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t think that at the time) Even though you were 3.5 weeks early, you weighed 8lbs 6oz. You looked like a three month old compared to your brother who was 3.5 weeks early and weighed 5lbs and some change.
You came out hungry and I don’t think you’ve stopped eating since. You have always loved food. Love trying new things and love cooking. Maybe you’ll be a chef one day on the Food Network.

My favorite thing about you is your sense of humor. Not only do you laugh a lot, you crack yourself up. (and since I do that to myself daily, I have to believe you inherited that from me.) You love jokes, you have such a keen mind and are so witty that sometimes it’s hard for me to believe you’re just now 11 years old. Sometimes you seem much older. Here are just a few examples of my favorite Rader stories from the past:

  1. Sex Education
  2. My Duck
  3. Inappropriate conversations
  4. and my favorite, Licking Nipples

But every night when you hug me before bed, I get a glimpse of the sweet boy who used to curl up in my arms with his favorite book, asking me to read it over and over and over. I am the luckiest Mom in the world to have you. Happy Birthday, Monkey.


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