2010: day the 1st

Last year, I chose 3 words to describe the previous year (2008) and 3 words to describe the coming year (2009). Let’s see if I did a good job predicting what 2009 would be for me.


I believe the first half of 2009 was very much these things for me. And I believe determined made it all the way through the year. Bright managed to finish the race, but I lost my shimmer every once in a while. Centered fell away sometime in the summer and never returned.

Overall, I feel pretty good about the words I chose. I think Centered was replaced by Frustrated.


What three words are you going to use to describe the coming year? What 3 words would you describe 2009 with?

Here are the things I planned to accomplish in 2009:
Be a better mother (Check)
Be a more disciplined writer (Nope. Not even close)
Run the 10K and keep training for a half-marathon (Did 5K and decided I’m more a walker than a runner. Also lost 35lbs)
Get a tattoo for my 40th birthday (Check)
Laugh every day at least once (Check)

2010’s list:
BE A MORE DISCIPLINED WRITER. (maybe if I put it at the top of the list and in all caps…)
Cook something new at least once a month.
Continue to exercise 4+ days a week and lose final 30 lbs.
Spend more fun time with the boys.
Teach Ian how to drive.
Laugh every day at least once. (this should be on everyone’s list every year, don’t ya think?)

I don’t think of these as resolutions, just goals I hope to accomplish. What are your goals?

Welcome 2010. It’s gonna be a great year.

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