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I blogged over at Fictionistas today about movies I’m looking forward to seeing. Pop by and say hi.

Got my new Pedi color on Friday….I love my turquoise!

Friday night we weathered some stormy weather and watched a couple of movies at the hacienda. I thought Saturday was going to be stormy all day too, but by 11:00, the storms had moved on and the sky was the brightest, cleanest blue I’d ever seen. I love a good spring rain. So while Rader was at his chess tournament, Ian and I looked for 4-leaf clovers and jumped on a trampoline.

My friend Cmac stopped by with pizza and we all went to see Kick-Ass the movie. I wasn’t looking forward to it…but let me just say, that movie was damn kick ass. Seriously. What a surprise it was! It’s rated R for language and pretty graphic violence (that surprised me. It was almost too much for me…) The movie was smart and funny and I LOL’d a lot. I highly recommend it.

Sunday was a patio & margarita day with the girls…& grilled chicken/biscuits at night. I also jumped on the trampoline some more. I think everyone should jump on a trampoline! It ended up being a near perfect weekend.

Today I’m at work but I’m kinda hoping that when I’m done around 1:00, that I can maybe sneak over to my friend Robyn’s house and lay out by her pool. I don’t wanna swim…just soak up some rays. What do you say, Robyn? *sparkle* I can’t go on being pasty anymore…

Did y’all have a good weekend? Do anything fun?

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