Melf: On Writing

Hahahahahaha Yeah, I’m sooooo Stephen King. I better be careful, he might kill me off with the touch of a gypsy’s hand in his next book! Oh wait, no he’ll just make me THINNER. I can live with that. Carry on Mr. King. (best diet ever!)

So you guys know I’ve been going through some unfun life stuff for the past 2 years or so. Writing became just as unfun to me. The advice I kept getting was force yourself to write, just make yourself do it and you’ll start liking it again. Well, that didn’t work for me at all.

Yesterday I announced I was going to start writing again last night. And I almost didn’t because I was having software issues and it was starting to irritate the crackers out of me. But then, El Jefe was all, “Why don’t you go old school with Notepad or just use something opensource like Open Office?” and I was all “because then I wouldn’t be procrastinating and that’s all I know how to do after a year of not being able to write, but fine. Thanks. Whatever.“[insert eye roll] And then I opened Google Docs and started writing.

I have NO IDEA what this story is yet, but it poured out of me. Two pages of crap, right there…in just a couple of minutes. It’s in 1st person but I don’t even know who the character is. Hell, there may not even be a story…it could just be therapy. Whatever. It’s writing. And it felt good to do it again.*

I hope this is a sure sign that things are looking up and that maybe I’m cured. 🙂

*thanks for the nudge, El Jefe. I needed it.

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