2011: Month of Mel Day 8

It’s Fat Tuesday! Totally my favorite holiday. Let’s face it…any holiday with the word “Fat” in it is worthy of admiration, respect, and celebration! Also there are beads! and Feathers!

Friday night my friend Laura threw an impromptu Mardi Gras/pseudo Bday party for me since El Jefe was in town. And look! I ate the baby!

We also had a dance off in the play room where (as Jefe so kindly put it) Ellis schooled me. Whatever. I let her win. (or as Laura said, “We forgot to tell Ellis she had to let Mel win…) Hah! No respect. There are a few pics of the schooling on Jefe’s camera. I believe he thoroughly enjoyed watching me wiggle my booty. BTW, I did beat Ellis when IT’S RAINING MEN came on. I guess I just needed the proper inspiration. Hahaha

Feathers, Masks, Beads, and Wine! How can you go wrong???

And for my favorite photo of the evening:

Photobomb: El Jefe does it right. I swear it looks like he’s gonna eat our heads. heh

Had a great night with my friends and it served as a fabulous appetizer for the Day of Mel which is coming up next Monday…

Isn’t the Month of Mel the best month ever? Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Go out and get your eat on!! Yay Gluttony!

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