a pimpin’ weekend

Tonight, El Jefe and I will be touring the Rock Town Distillery which we are both very much looking forward to. It’s a booze tour! With booze made in Little Rock! <–this is the stuff awesome is made of.

Then tomorrow we are beginning our decorating extravaganza. First, we are heading to Goodwill for our holiday sweater/sweatshirt purchase, then we are headed to Garden Ridge, the mecca of all things holiday and we’re picking up my new favorite Christmas Trees.

I’ve always wanted a Hot Pink tree. I’m gonna totally go all FLAMINGO on it and make it awesome.

Once I decided to go FABULOUS or go home, I asked all the mens in my house what they thought, and if the hot pink would automatically revoke their man card.

Ian answered “Not if we get a purple tree, too. Purple is for pimps and a pimp’s man card can never be revoked.”

So we will be having a pimp tree as well. I’m thinking an animal print skirt, maybe some peacock feathers and a black feather boa as garland? Ian has already found some gold ‘disco ball’ ornaments that we’re going to add. I think a Pimpin’ Christmas sounds fantastic. Don’t you? I’ll be sure and post pics next week.

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