So I had two weeks off…and even though I did a lot of sleeping, I did other things, too.

El Jefe and I started building a firepit in our yard. We are using bricks that used to be walls at the entrance of my parents’ driveway. Multiple walls that were knocked down multiple times due to drunk drivers totally missing the giant curve in front of their house.

It’s kinda cool that we are making something new out of something old.

And even though it’s not finished, we did build a fire for New Years. Yeah this pit is gonna be awesome. And so will the patio we are going to build around it.

 This is the area before we started.


First thing we had to do was collect the bricks. This really isn’t very easy, because they’re down by the pond and we have to pull the wagon through a marshy area before we pull it up the hill to the pit area. Also, the bricks are heavy. So before we used the tractor to pull them, we used Rader.

Then we employed Ruby to supervise.

C’mon baby! Light my FIRE!

While we’re prettying up the area, we decided to give Baby Bear some company. He always loved the ladies.

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