Month of Mel 2012: Days 17, 18 & 19

St. Paddy’s Day came and went without one pinch. I did get a kiss or two, though. *wink* Being a redhead on an Irish Party Day really does have its advantages.

The boys and I celebrated Ian’s 18th birthday at the horse races on Friday. We had a great time. We all wore our hats, and they wore their “Charlie Sheen” shirts…and we picked horses, took pictures and laughed a lot.

Ian gave his new camera a good run for its money. We’ll see how the pictures turned out and if he has an eye for photography. He’s thinking about majoring in art in college and he’d like an emphasis in photography, so he better start practicing!

Speaking of photography, El Jefe got me some lenses for my iPhone. You can’t use them with the flash, but they take pretty great pics in natural light.

I’m digging the ladies in the fisheye lens…

I love taking pictures. I miss my SLR days, maybe one day, I’ll treat myself to a digital SLR and reteach myself all the manual photography stuff that I’ve long forgotten thanks to the easy digital point and shoot…and my iPhone point and shoot. haha.

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