2013: Month of Mel Day 7

I don’t like Math very much, of course, it is very useful in every day life. Like when someone makes the wrong change, and I have to show them how to count it out. Or when I write a check and deduct it from my checkbook. You know, basic stuff.

So when a problem springs up in life, it is rare that I feel the need to apply math to something that doesn’t seem to be math-related. But recently I found myself realizing how basic math is applicable in so many ways. For instance, if one event happens…it can be considered an anomaly–a deviation from the norm. If two or more events happen in almost the exact same way, you start to see a pattern…and then you can look at the situation and apply math…or I suppose you could also say LOGIC and look for a common denominator in the events. If there is a common denominator in 2 or more of the events, then I think you have a solution to your life problem. Now whether you want to see the solution is up to you. But you can’t deny the basic truth…the common denominator is the cause of the problem.

Like I need to find the common denominator to why I fall off the exercise wagon after a month…almost every time. And then I start back hardcore…and usually about a month into it, I just stop. What is the 1 thing present in all these situations that needs to be addressed?  Right now, I don’t know. But when I start back this weekend, I’m going to take special care to note what happens when I start to find an excuse not to exercise. And then I’m going to write that excuse down and make myself go.

Wouldn’t life make more sense if we could all look at things objectively and see the common denominators and solve the problem?

Math. Who knew? (Oh I know, pretty much everyone knew…I just don’t have maff brain.)

Rapid topic change…

I thought I’d post a link to my blog entry from March 24, 2011 because someone googled “Nudists wearing slippers” ..and I was so intrigued by what I posted about that would lead this person to that blog entry I had to read it.

and now you can, too. FYI there’s a picture of me wearing slippers…

Have a happy Thursday, bitches! And don’t forget to do your math homework:

If Melf as 300 bits of sparkle on her at 8 am, and the sparkle doubles every hour, but she gives away 150 bits of sparkle every hour, how much sparkle does she have by 6:00 pm?

3 thoughts on “2013: Month of Mel Day 7

  1. Well, in the spirit of the MONTH OF MEL. I do think there are some math equations we need to discuss. Me + Robyn + Mel = food, wine, and fun X soon. As to your blog today. It seems many people have a difficult time subtracting the emotions of things to see clearly what is happening in their lives. Its hard to judge as I know I am guilty as well. I just try to make sure that my clouded judgment doesnt affect my child and his health and well being. Other than that I can take my own lumps in my mistakes. I just dont want him paying for my missteps! SPARKLE ON


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