The Vandy update

“It is with great regret…”


My son’s response to Vandy’s rejection…

Of course we’re disappointed. But the reality is, this is Vanderbilt’s loss. The pain was eased greatly by the comforting feel of $100K that Hendrix had offered him 2 days prior. We don’t know why he wasn’t accepted, but the why doesn’t matter. He could be too male, too southern, too poor, or just too average for this year’s applicants… It’s very competitive, and even with a 32 ACT score and nearly a 4.0 GPA, tons of community service and excellent recommendations, we knew there was only an 11% acceptance rate at Vandy. But that didn’t matter. It was his golden ring, and he went for it.

And he’s handling their “it’s not you, it’s me” letter like a goddamned champ.

So now it’s up to Rhodes to give Hendrix some competition. He has no desire to apply anywhere else. He’s being selective about his education, and even though he’s tempted to apply to the U of A just to see how much they’d offer him, he’s not going to bother, because he has no intention of attending that school. He wants smaller, more personable, more student oriented campuses. That’s the culture in which he thrives and that’s what he wants to continue.

We move forward…Black and Orange Warrior or Black and Red Lynx ? Sorry Black and Gold, you’re just not our style…




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