Back to school

Rader is officially moved into his new nest. And yes, that’s a Nic Cage pillow case on his bed. 

BTW, welcome new readers to my little slice of the universe! I don’t blog as regularly as I used to, but I do jot down my thoughts on occasion–so lucky you! I’d like to thank Riverdale 10’s crappy customer service for bringing me 6,000 new readers. I’d also like to thank everyone who took the time to email me, message me and contact me. Apparently the owner of Riverdale 10 reputation precedes him and his behavior online is pretty typical for him. And for those who are keeping up: No we haven’t been apologized to, no we haven’t had our money refunded, no we do not care…because at this point, it’s pretty much too little too late. Unless he comes to  us himself, eating a big ol’ piece of humble pie…then, we can talk.

So back to the actual topic at hand…I’m the mother of a college freshman and a 22 year old. Can someone please explain to me how these babies got so big, so quickly?


I’ve heard from Rader. He’s texted me daily and called me on Thursday. He’s so excited about his schedule! He’s set for both fall and spring and classes officially start tomorrow. He spent the weekend in Blanchard Springs with a large group of his class. They had a great time and he said he appreciated it a whole lot more this time around.

Last night, Ian and I had dinner with one of the British soccer coaches that I adopted back in 2006. Emma and her friend Faye were in town for one night. It was wonderful to catch up and see her sweet face again.

All right, bitches. I hope you guys have a super week and have your sparkle turned up to 11!


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