On Farts and Billy Ray Cyrus

Okay, if this blog title doesn’t get your attention, you’re either dead or you should be.

My current WIP is set in small town Arkansas and its theme music is Country and Western. Now, I don’t mind C&W music, I just don’t normally listen to it.

So, anyway, I’m writing today and my oldest son, Ian (pictured) is sitting in the room with me, reading. It’s very pleasant except Ian’s heavy sighs every time he turns a page because he’d rather eat toenails than read, but that’s another blog)

A Billy Ray Cyrus song comes on and I’m singing along cuz it was the only one of his songs I could even remotely tolerate. It Could’ve Been Me is the title.

My dear husband walks in and proceeds to make up his own lyrics.

“It could’ve been pee…”

of course, Ian starts laughing which just encourages my husband even more. The lyrics get much worse until I finally say:

“I swear honey, you’ve got to have a fart for a brain. There is nothing between your ears but a big ole bubble of gas.”

I can honestly say, that is the first time in my life I’ve made my 11 year old laugh until he cried. Not that I should be surprised; I did say a few days ago that just the word fart makes him chuckle.

It made my day to see him laugh/cry, though.

Today’s special moment is sponsored by Billy Ray Cyrus. Being the good little southern girl that I am, I should write him a thank you note.

5 thoughts on “On Farts and Billy Ray Cyrus

  1. Mr Kate makes up obscene lyrics to all my favorite songs in a pathetic effort to stop me listening to them-ha! It doesn’t work.And I have three boys, dear Mel-I might be out-farted by I’m definitely not out-smarted.And that’s my lame joke for the nightThank youand goodnightKate


  2. We will persevere the fart jokes, Kate. We must! It is our duty. I say all the time: I may be outnumbered in this family, but I am not outranked. We will rise above the farts and the bad lyrics and regin supreme.


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