The No Ninja rule

Halloween’s a comin’ and we still haven’t decorated or bought costumes.

I have one rule this year: No Ninjas.

I’ve never had a costume rule before. But I have to enact the No Ninja rule this year. First of all, all our halloween pictures look the same. Rader has been a ninja 4 years in a row. Ian has been a ninja of sorts at least 4 times.

But, Halloween is only once a year, you say. If they want to be a ninjas, let them be ninjas.

Sigh. Yes. Halloween is only once a year. But these damn ninja costumes seem to last forever. And swords do too. So, I wake up to sword fighting and yelling every weekend. Then comes the “YOU ALMOST POKED MY EYE OUT YOU IDJIT” arguments. Then comes the “Mom, we were just playing, and it was an accident, and we didn’t mean to do it…well, I didn’t do it, Ian did…” “Did NOT!” “DiD too” “DID NOT, IDJIT” “Did TOO FART FACE!”

So. No Ninjas.

Here is the conversation with Rader the day I enacted the rule:

Me: Alright guys. No Ninjas this year. Pick something scary.
Rader: How ’bout a scary ninja.
Me: No Ninjas.
Rader: How about a dragon slayer with a sword and a black mask.
Me: sounds like a ninja
Rader: Well, how about a martial artist
Me: Ninja.
Rader: How about Jackie Chan’s body guard.
Me: Ninja.
Rader: How about…
Me: How about I pick out your costume.
Rader: How about a kid in black pajamas with Nun-chucks.
Me: Sounds a lot like a ninja.
Rader: What if I’m a ninja-in-training?
Me: Nope. That’s a ninja.

And it goes on and on and on.

3 thoughts on “The No Ninja rule

  1. This year Kyle will be the “pretend” dummy holding the bowl of candy. šŸ™‚ He wants to scare the other kids. Kat, however, is another story entirely. Sometimes the costume ideas change by the moment. Yesterday it was a Midnight Fairy, now today it is a Chinese Princess. What is it with girls and frouffy outfits?!


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