I almost witnessed my oldest son’s death last night.

Let me just say, just in case you weren’t already aware of this fact, this is NOT something a mother should ever experience.

But, thank God I was there.

I was dropping Rader off at basketball practice. We parked across the street from the gym. The street was busy and it was getting dark. Normally there is a cross walk where from the parking lot to the gym, but the city had repaved the roads this summer and apparently painting the crosswalk is way on their priority list. It won’t be after today.

So, we’re waiting for a break in traffic. A car stops for us and signals us across. We start walking–except for Ian who tears off in a run. I see a car coming on the other side because I’m tall enough and CAN see over the car. He doesn’t see it. Finally my mouth catches up to my brain and I yell IAN! and for the first time ever, he stopped. And the car stopped. Six inches from hitting my child.

That scene has played over and over in my mind since then. We had another talk about how to cross the street, etc. I think I was in so much shock that the gravity of the moment never caught up to me.

I don’t recommend this form of stress to anyone.

12 thoughts on “Terror

  1. thanks, y’all.

    Slowly but surely the picture is fading away.

    I’m trying not to dwell on it. I emailed the city today demanding they put that crosswalk back on their high priority list.

    We’ll see what happens.


  2. My greatest fear is that my child WON’T stop….
    You’ve experienced what I’ve only had nightmares about.

    I am SO glad this has a happy ending. And maybe, this time, the lesson is well learned by your son.

    Sometimes, the only thing we have to protect our kids, are our words. If they choose to ignore them, and they experience the consequences, as a Mom, I think the pain is worse(for the parent). Because the words alone could have had to power to avert disaster.

    I am relieved and happy that you were there for your son and that he listened, REALLY listened to you when it counted.
    As a Mom, that is all I can ever hope to see…that when it counts, my child will hear.

    God Bless You, Mel!!!


  3. Thank goodness he’s safe! I work for an accident reconstructinist and … that’s all I’ll say. Thank God he and the driver stopped!


  4. Thanks, Jolie.

    It’s taken this whole week to stop replaying the “almost accident” in my head.

    I called the city and inquired about when they were going to repaint the crosswalk. They have to wait until the temperatures are steadily 60 degrees they’ve said…I asked why then they weren’t repainted in Augst, September, and October when temperatures are steadily above 60 degrees.

    I was greeted by silence. Hmmm. Methinks they had NO plans to repaint the crosswalk.


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