fishdog’s flophaus: what a trip

fishdog’s flophaus: what a trip

Or, as I like to call it– A day of firsts.

#1 boy’s 1st real concert, 1st sex talk, 1st time getting patted down, 1st hubcap burger–all in one day.

And there are some pictures, too.

It’s a little long but very enjoyable–as only my husband could make it.

3 thoughts on “fishdog’s flophaus: what a trip

  1. Mel and dh (Mark?–I’m terrible w/names)–what great parents you are! You Mel for suggesting “the talk” and trusting dh to do it, and Mr. Mel for handling it so beautifully. Educating kids not JUST about “sex,” but about the respect and responsibility that comes with it–that rocks. Good for you! And Mr. Mel, taking your boy to a concert–awesome. 🙂


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