wow. it’s friday already?

Well well well.

Friday. Already.


Last night was a very enjoyable night of TV. This has been the best season of Survivor in a while…and I’m not sure if it’s because this season actually has smarter players, or just smarter editing…either way, I’m happy.

I was worried last night that Yau-Man was gonna be voted off. Thankfully, he remains safe. Alex was right, the time for a power play was last night and it would’ve been smart to vote the little man off…but I like him so much and really want him in the finals.

Then there was Grey’s Anatomy. Last night, they introduced Addison’s spin-off show. I have been very opposed to this spin-off idea. It’s like the writers have realized they fucked up with Grey’s and so instead of fixing the problem within the show, they just wanna create another show and hope everyone will enjoy both. Well, let me tell you…after last night’s preview, I’m now a bigger fan of the spin-off. Tim Daly and Taye Diggs? On the same show? Oh yeah. I’m there. And I’m this close to dropping Grey’s off my must watch list if they don’t fix this asinine love triangle they have going between Izzy/George/and Callie.

Do they seriously want me to believe that George–the Grey’s Anatomy puppy–is getting it from two of the hottest chicks on the show? Really? Cuz in my opinon, in real life, he’d be the only one on that show NOT getting it. Spineless, indecisive men don’t get laid. And they certainly don’t get laid by two hot chicks like that.

Here’s the thing…it’s not that I dislike George…cuz I don’t. But I don’t find the direction they’ve taken his character believable. At. All. So, they better fix it soon.

4 thoughts on “wow. it’s friday already?

  1. I agree, the spin off story line was better than the Grey’s storyline. My daughters and I kept shouting, “Go back to LA!”. They especially loved the surfer/receptionist:)


  2. I absolutely loved the spin off story line. And if I had to choose between the two shows, I’d go with the spin off.Favorite line from the show, “If you need reminding…just let me know.”She was so interested. ;~)


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