I loathe packing. I loathe unpacking even more. Usually, Fishdog packs /unpacks for me (cuz I’m a spoiled little princess diva…but at least I know that about myself and am totally okay with it. And c’mon, you’re only calling me names because you’re envious. It’s okay. I totally understand. You can’t help it that you’re a hater.) Anyway, since I’m going to RWA’s conference next week without the Fishdog, I’m packing solo. It sux. So I thought I’d procrastinate take a break from packing to blog about packing.

People tend to get a little knotted up about what to wear to these conferences. We’re all writers. Many of us roll out of bed and into the chair only changing clothes when we have to leave the house. So it cracks me up when I hear the “this is a professional conference so you must dress as a professional writer would” argument. Um. You know I write in my underwear, right? does that make me less professional because I sit at the computer wearing my Hanes Her Way? Frankly, I’m thinking that you guys want me to wear more than that when I’m at the conference. I could be wrong. I suppose we’ll see next week…

Professionalism is in the eye of the beholder. It’s in how you carry yourself. It’s not in what you wear. I promise. If you’re confident and happy, you’ll present yourself as such, even if you’re wearing a potato sack. If you’re a dried up negative bitty who can’t bother with a sincere smile but you’re wearing couture, the only thing people will notice is your grim attitude and then comment on what a shame it is to waste such nice clothing on such a rotten egg.

This year I’m packing a few dresses and skirts because those are the clothes that fit me. (did I meantion I’m a size smaller this year?) The last two years I wore jeans and capri pants and nice shirts. (usually low cut shirts because that’s how I roll. When you have tits like mine, it’s best to show them off–you know what I’m sayin’? And I’m not the only one, as witnessed from last year’s conference… Don’t hate us cuz we have great cleavage.) So I’ve packed my nice clothes in my hang-up bag and now I’m working on the suitcase. Did I mention how much I hate packing?

Okay, I’m done. I’ve procrastinated put off packing long enough. I’m totally looking forward to the conference but I’m not looking forward to the rest of the night filling my suitcase.

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