my bad…

I know, I fell of the National Conference Blogging Bandwagon. Totally sorry.

Thursday started off with an early morning meeting with my wonderful agent, Deidre Knight. I love this woman. We plotted out my career goals for the next year and chatted a lot…while I ate a big ass plate of pancakes and a pound of bacon. Not that I was hungover or anything. Just wobbly.

Thursday was a quiet day spent meeting and greeting old friends and getting ready for The Literacy Signing and the RWA Online Chapter party.

Here are a few pics from Wednesday and Thursday. More to come soon. Sorry Killer and Fishdog, no boob shots today.

Chris the Wonder Waiter

Jenna Mayson, Adrian Wood, Kate Pearce, Nic Montreuil

Before Drag Queen Karaoke

During Drag Queen Karaoke

On the ride home from Drag Queen Karaoke

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