oh the nostalgia…

Bryant High School…20 years later.

Wow. It was fantastic seeing so many of my old pals. There was one group of friends I was most interested in catching up with, and thankfully they were all there. 2 of the guys traveled from Seattle and one traveled all the way from New Zealand. It was fantastic.

After the reunion, several of us took the party upstairs. At 5:00 a.m. I realized I was too old for this kinda thing. We all bid our farewells and I figure we’ll do it again in another 10. Or maybe in 5. Who knows?

The top picture is of my BFF Jen, Kim, Laurie and me. Laurie is a nurse in Afghanistan right now. She amazes me.

To the right is a pic of me and my friend Annetta.

And then the last pic on the left is of the group I was most looking forward to seeing. Me, Jason, Jon, Nolen, Jen. At one point or another, I crushed on each of the guys. Nolen and I did try to date a few years after high school, but we remained friends instead. It was a great night, lots of memories, and a little too much booze, but hey, if it only happens once every 10 years, it’s okay…right?

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