getting all inside the beauty of my trip. and even better, inside the beauty of #equalrights

FYI, the reference of “inside the beauty” comes from a creeper message on Facebook. We have taken this on as a new turn-of-phrase. And we modify it on occasion. If we get up inside your beauty, you know we mean business.

New message from the Other Inbox: Please to be my friend, pretty lady? You have very much beauty and I want to get inside your beauty.

Check out my pictures on Instagram from our trip to Iowa and Illinois.

The trip was breathtakingly beautiful. Every damn time I looked out the window, it was like looking at a postcard.

El Jefe’s family was amazing. So welcoming and fun.



After Iowa, we spent a lovely day with David and Kyle in Chicago enjoying the hell out of PrideFest.

1010181_10152014715537907_969093930_nYes. That’s Gaymart. The happiest store on earth.

Speaking of PrideFest…YAY SCOTUS! You made the right decision striking down DOMA. All Americans should have equal rights. Marriage is a human right. Period. And frankly, “separate but equal” has never worked…and it is not really equal. So. Let’s all get Gay Married! Okay, I know everything isn’t done yet, but striking down DOMA is a huge step in the right direction.


take me for a ride on your big green tractor…

You think my tractor's sexy.

You think my tractor’s sexy.

Oh John Deere! I can’t wait to see your museum this weekend!

I was thinking I should wear something awesome to commemorate the visit. Is this “dress” too much?

If I put a pink camo John Deere trucker hat on with it, will that dress it down just right?

Of course, if I were to wear this “dress” I’d have to make a few adjustments. Like add about 3 feet of material at the bottom. The neckline is pretty much perfect for my girls…but I would probably want to wear a tank top so as not to overwhelm all the old farmers who are hanging around.

Okay, I’m kidding. Well, not about the pink camo trucker hat..but the dress? Only for Halloween. You know. When it’s appropriate to be a Slutty Tractor.

Even Ruby loves to John Deere Dream

Even Ruby loves to John Deere Dream

When you spend as much time on a John Deere Tractor as I do, you tend to develop a bit of a crush. So, it’s only natural that I would be overly-excited about my time at the museum. I can’t wait to sit on a combine. I hope I don’t get kicked out…

El Jefe has a family reunion in Iowa, so we are going to enjoy our time on the Mississippi River while I get to meet his family. I really hope his grandfather comes. The stories about him are always fantastic.

Once the reunion is over, we’re headed to Chicago for 1 night. I’ve never been before, and I know 1 night isn’t enough time, but…it’s PrideFest on Sunday! So it’s like the stars have aligned to make sure Chicago will be full of extra sparkle and fabulousness for my arrival. Thank you, STARS!

In a Walgreens update, I was contacted by the company yesterday after they read my blog. They’ve opened a ticket to investigate the complaint, which I do appreciate. The more I hear from people in my town, the more I realize that this Walgreens in particular seems to refuse to fill narcotic prescriptions on a regular basis. They are “out” a lot and “don’t know when they’ll have more in.” Well, that pretty much makes them the shittiest pharmacy ever if their purpose is to fill prescriptions and they rarely do. IT’S NOT YOUR JOB TO MONITOR OUR MEDS. That is called “Practicing out of the scope of your position.”

Walgreens. You’re fired.

T-minus 10 days

In just 10 days, this group of rapscallions will be reunited (minus James BOO + Outside-the-Womb Ralphasaurus YAY) for a weekend of frivolity and shenanigans. It will be a good time.

We are staying in an awesome house on the lake that has its own tower. What’s not to love about a house with a tower?

Check out the property info here if you’re interested. It looks like a great place and the property owners have been very easy to work with.

What’s the reason for this gathering? Well it’s El Jefe’s birthday next week. And you know I’m a big believer in birthday celebrations. I’d love to celebrate El Jefevember, but he doesn’t like to make a fuss. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of fuss.

We’re having a birthday dinner Saturday night where I will cook up something delicious. We will possibly do a Spa day in the Spa City and we’ll eat cake. Because it’s just not a birthday without cake.

I wonder if I can get him to wear a tiara? If not, I will… you know how I love my sparkle.

Can’t wait to see the peeps next week. It’s gonna be a great time!

Nostalgia part deux

I wouldn’t go back to being 18 again for anything…not even if I could go back knowing what I know now.

But as my friend Jen said, it was great to relive the innocence of 18 for just a few hours. When our biggest worries were test scores and rejection and how to score our next beer. (not that I drank when I was 18…)

I’m still on a nostalgia high. I spent a fantastic week at conference and then followed it with a great night with old friends. Wonder what the crash is gonna feel like? Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll just coast on the good feelings for a while.

I find it ironic that I enjoyed myself as much as I did, when even the morning of my reunion, I was dreading it. I don’t know what I was worried about…I guess no matter how much you grow into yourself, old insecurities can come crashing back like a landslide. High School was bittersweet for me. I didn’t always have a Naughty River (or at least, my Naughty River wasn’t free flowing…) I never had the one “boyfriend” but I had a lot of great boy friends. I never was the star athlete but I was athletic. I knew almost everyone, and was friend to most, but only felt true to myself around a few.

Today, I’m okay with who I am around everyone. I can look at the big picture and think, “I don’t have to be everyone’s friend. It’s their loss.” Could you imagine ever thinking something like that in High School? Or, if you thought it, did you really believe it?

The best part of this weekend’s reconnection was seeing that we’d all grown into ourselves. I’m amazed at the adults my friends turned out to be. And I don’t know why it should be surprising…they are my friends, and I’ve always had great taste… if I do say so myself.

oh the nostalgia…

Bryant High School…20 years later.

Wow. It was fantastic seeing so many of my old pals. There was one group of friends I was most interested in catching up with, and thankfully they were all there. 2 of the guys traveled from Seattle and one traveled all the way from New Zealand. It was fantastic.

After the reunion, several of us took the party upstairs. At 5:00 a.m. I realized I was too old for this kinda thing. We all bid our farewells and I figure we’ll do it again in another 10. Or maybe in 5. Who knows?

The top picture is of my BFF Jen, Kim, Laurie and me. Laurie is a nurse in Afghanistan right now. She amazes me.

To the right is a pic of me and my friend Annetta.

And then the last pic on the left is of the group I was most looking forward to seeing. Me, Jason, Jon, Nolen, Jen. At one point or another, I crushed on each of the guys. Nolen and I did try to date a few years after high school, but we remained friends instead. It was a great night, lots of memories, and a little too much booze, but hey, if it only happens once every 10 years, it’s okay…right?