white stripes

Fishdog and I went to see the White Stripes last night in Southaven.

Awesome fucking show. The pics I’m posting are from my cellphone. I didn’t think to bring my real camera. Sigh.

It was great to watch these two perform.

There is something mesmerizing about the White Stripes. Meg isn’t the greatest drummer in the world, but she is amazing to watch. Her style is stripped down and basic, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t passion in her playing.

Jack’s passion was apparent as he was all over the stage. There were a half a dozen microphones set up in various places and Jack would run, hop, leap, jump and sweat his way over to each one.
We were on the third row which added to excitement of the show. I don’t know if I would’ve gotten as much out of the performance if I hadn’t been able to see their faces. It was obvious they love their job.

There’s something magical about watching an artist do his job with passion. Musicians especially. If they love what they do, it pours out into their audience. I’ve always liked The White Stripes, but after last night, I think I can call myself a fan.

PS: I posted my answers to the friend test in the comments

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