happy thursday, friends.

Well, I’m here in Arkansas. It took me longer to leave Oxford yesterday than I had planned. Of course, I don’t know why I bother planning anything cuz this always happens.

I had to see Bevan one more time and say goodbye to my friend Mitch Cohen. I had to take Ian back to the dentist to be refitted for his bottom retainer…since it only lasted a week before he broke it. I had to run by the gym and tell them to PLEASE stop drafting my account and say goodbye to Rose, Veda, and Millisa. And Fire Inspector Clarence. We can’t forget Clarence.

The niece and nephew were thrilled to have us back. They loved on us and wouldn’t let the boys out of their sights.

Mom and I had a great time catching up, but I can already tell there’s gonna be an adjustment period to me living here until our house sells in Oxford.

We’re headed to Lake Ouachita (prounounced Washitah). We’re planning to be there til Sunday. I’m looking forward to a few days of fun in the sun before next week..when I start my fulltime writing gig and the boys go back to school.

BTW, congratulations to Jenna Mayson, Blogging Sex Kitten for winning the prize. She’s the first person to write the word clit in my comments. Your gift is in the mail. You rock.

I miss you, Fishdog.

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