riding the storm out…

Yesterday was OperaciĆ³n de Rrasladar El Jefe Operation Relocate El Jefe. I drove my brother’s big ass truck (a country girl can survive!) (and holy crap, $90 to fill that bitch up!) to Oxford and we loaded it down like we were storing up for the apocalypse. Little did we know how close to the truth that would be…

I beat the storms out of town yesterday morning. It was crazy because I seriously drove through a line of sunlight, while I could see two different storm systems on either side of me. Oxford, was sunny and humid and we worked like pack mules to load up the trucks and U-haul so we could haul our asses out of there before the big storms hit.

We had no rain for the first 2 hours of the 3.5 hour drive. But as we were nearing Brinkley, we could see the crazy lightning storms and swirly skies and we knew we were heading right into the mouth of the dragon. (We also knew because of Mike Francis broadcasting on the radio and Fishdog calling to tell me where the funnel clouds were and how long we had… a big thank you for that, Fishdog. Seriously.)
We made it to Brinkley just as the sirens began to wail and just as it began to hail. We stood outside and watched. The cinder block building protected us from the straight-line winds and the rain. It was pretty amazing to see the storm roll in.

That flagpole was nearly bent into an arch a couple of times, the winds were so strong…

Luckily, we didn’t have any tornadoes.
Sadly, there are parts of the state that weren’t so lucky. Vilonia, AR was mowed down by a half-mile wide Wedge Shaped massive tornado.

We are supposed to have round two tonight, but I’m hoping things aren’t quite as tumultuous as last night was.

the weekend in review

House: Cleaned
Laundry: Unwashed
Boxes: half unpacked
Taxes: work in progress
Weather: Un-freaking-believably Awesome
Friends: Luckiest girl in the world
Easter: Juciest turkey ever and a trampoline

This was a bit of an emotional weekend. Many of you know that Fishdog and I have been separated for almost a year. (We’re still great friends and I have no desire to air my private business in this blog, but since I’m moving, etc. I thought I’d let y’all know the circumstances. /divorcetalk) This weekend, I started moving into the new bachelorette pad. It’s a tiny little cottage that I’ve been cleaning, painting, and sweating over for the past 3 months. (Not quite sure how I’m gonna share 1 bathroom with 2 teen boys, but we’ll figure it out…) The move is mostly complete, now I’ve just got to finish unpacking and move all the personal items over, like clothing.

The clothing thing for me is a difficult task because I need to go through it all. I’ve lost enough weight that most of my clothing doesn’t fit anymore. This is a great problem to have…except that since I’m still only working part time, I’m not going to be spending any money on new clothes. But this weekend, I got lucky…it just so happens that one of my BFFs has been losing weight, too. And it just so happens that she can no longer wear a ton of her clothing…and it just so happens that we’re both hour glass shaped…and it just so happens that the clothes she’s undergrown are the right size for me!

I think I inherited 12 new dresses! OMG. And they’re all so damn cute! Just like me! I have a whole new wardrobe!! and a new house! and a new attitude! and… and I’m all out of new…

Anyway, this is a new beginning for me. A new phase in my life and I’m ready to take it on…and now I can do it in style thanks to my Fairy Clothing Godmother…

do not adjust your settings.

It is indeed Saturday. And yes, I am blogging.

I’ll take a sip of my coffee while I let you recover.

Better now? Good.

So, I’m in Oxford (MS not UK) showing the house. I mowed the yard yesterday. Much easier than last week. It was totally a jungle. Today, I’m weed-eating. I am YardGirl, hear me roar. I think I need a cape–a green one, of course.

Since the house is vacant except for a futon mattress and some barstools, I’ve had to be creative. (The following pictures are from my cell phone, sorry for the quality)

I sleep here:

I work here:

I enjoy my beer here:

and I watch my movies or read here:

Oh, and my internet? Courtesy of my neighbor. The only place I can access it? Here:

This is minimalist living at its finest.

Okay, YardGirl must stop procrastinating and get outside to weed-eat. What? you thought I was blogging on a Saturday for no reason? hah!

home again, home again

Well, we’re back in the Rock in one piece. We had a great weekend hanging out with our friends and doing loads of yard work. Do you know how hard it is to make a garden pretty when you no longer live there to appreciate it? Sigh.

While I was weeding my flowerbed in Oxford, I found the St. Joseph I had buried last fall. I can be pretty superstitious so when multiple people told me to bury a St. Joseph to help my house sell, I did…well, when I found St. Joe this week, I gave him a stern talking to. I think we came to an understanding, and I reburied him beneath a new Gerbera daisy. He must’ve really understood, because the next morning, we got a call from our Realtor. No, we didn’t have an offer, but we did have two new scheduled appointments. That’s a start.

Now I have to get started on my yard in Little Rock. I’ll admit, I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do or where to start. My front yard is nearly all moss, which means there is way too much shade for most grasses. I’d like to sod it, but I have to find the appropriate shade loving grass to do that. My friend suggested I plug it with Dwarf Mondo grass. She said it takes some time, but it only grows to a certain height and stops, so it never has to be mowed and it stays green year around. I may try that. I dunno though, if it’s too much work it might not be worth it for me. I love to garden–in spurts. LOL

Anyway, today I’m finishing my proposal that I didn’t finish last week. I have about 10 pages left. Then I’m off into the world of revision for a while. Fun. For. Days.

Did you have a good Easter weekend? Did you do anything fun or exciting? What’s up, y’all?

my bad…

I know you’ve missed me. Go ahead, admit it. It’s okay. I’ve missed me, too.

What’s goin’ on? Anything new?

Let me tell ya, I have lots of blogging material to get me through the next few weeks. A few topics you can look forward to reading:

Customer Service: It’s What’s for Dinner.
How to blow up your brand new house in 1 easy step.
All I Want for Christmas is to get my Revisions Done.
Procrastination is not only a gift, it’s an art form
Living Among the Boxes
Wii care. Oops. Wii lied, Wii really don’t care at all.
If I had a hammer, I’d fall and break my neck.

Today’s blog topic, I’d like to introduce you to our newest family member. As you might recall, our beloved Charlie died back in August. Our sweet dog Pete, hasn’t been the same since. He’s been very depressed and with the move and everything, he hasn’t quite bounced back. So, we’d decided it was time to get him a friend.

Meet Ruby:

She’s my baby. I have always wanted a black Pug and now I have my baby. She’s the most awesome puppy ever, and we are all totally smitten.

Okay, back to revisions. Or not. Remember, procrastination is not only a gift, it’s an artform…


We spent all day yesterday packing up the 24 ft moving truck and my van and driving to Little Rock where we spent the next 4 hours unloading. (We had to get to the bed.) After an 18 hour day yesterday, our heads finally hit the pillow around midnight. I cooked breakfast for an army this morning (it was a lot like camping, trying to cook with whatever utensils you could find) and now Fishdog and his brother Bone are finishing up the unloading.

and then we unpack.

There is a special level in hell reserved for unpacking.

I love my new space, but I went from having an 8×10 master closet to um, damn near nothing. It’s sad. And yes, we have lots of storage here, but I am really gonna miss my ginormas closet.

It’s cold and rainy here. Pretty miserable. But I don’t care, because we’re home.

my last weekend in Oxtopia…

Yeah, we’re headed to Oxford today to finish packing up the house. We’re loading up the truck tomorrow and heading back to Little Rock. I’m not looking forward to the packing, loading and unloading parts, but I am looking forward to getting my shit moved to Arkansas.

While we’re on the way to Oxford, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on Bite Me! before I send it off to fab editor. My critique partners made some great comments and I’m going through right now, making changes according to their suggestions. I am really curious to see what my first set of editor edits will be like. I am both dreading that event and excited for it to happen…

See you next week!

checking in then checking out…

Hey y’all. I’m probably gonna be absent for a while. First of all, I’m neck deep in paint. Then there’s the whole Thanksgiving thing, where I’ll take a break from painting to eat. Then on Friday, the Hogs play LSU…the number one team in the nation right now. It might not be pretty, but I can’t miss it!

After the game Friday, we’re headed to Oxford. We’re gonna load up the truck and officially move. That’s right, I’ll sleep in my brand new house this weekend. Excellent.

Oh, and during all this, I also have to finish revising Bite Me! to send to fabulous editor by Friday. Yeah, I’m gonna be just a little bit busy.

I’ll see you next week!

Love y’all. Mean it!

oh my achin’ everything!

I love that I have a new house to paint.

I hate that I have to paint it.

I am aching in places that I didn’t even know had muscles. And I’ve only painted the kitchen!

Due to our current status of “in between houses” this will be the first Thanksgiving in 10 years that I’m not cooking. I’m actually a little sad, because I do fix one helluva turkey, if I do say so myself. And my pecan, apple, and pumpkin pies kick major ass. Major. Ass.

I promise, I might lie to you about other things, but I would never lie to you about my pie baking ability.

Fishdog will be back in the Rock tomorrow night. He’s bringing with him our Directv receivers and a couple of televisions. We might not have furniture in the house, but we aren’t gonna go a day longer than we have to without our TV. Especially since it’s a big college football weekend. Duh.

What’s going on with you guys? Go ahead and report in while I run to grab me another beer and a muscle relaxer.

i hate 4 a.m.

I went to bed too early last night. I knew I’d wake up at this godforsaken hour, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

And here I am now, looking for something to do. So, of course, I’m blogging.

Are y’all sick of me posting about the WGA writer’s strike yet? Well, y’all just wait until you don’t have anything to watch in a few weeks, then we’ll see who’s gonna jump on the support bandwagon.

Why don’t you jump onto the bandwagon now, and Buy Pencils.

That’s right (write)! For $1 you can buy pencils and have them mailed to the media moguls to show your support for the writers. What a fantastic idea!

The boys and I get the keys to our new home today. I bought a leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher yesterday because damn we got some leaves on the ground. While I’m cleaning the inside, the boys are going to be learning the art of leaf blowing. I also purchase a new ceramic cooktop. The new place had one of those old ass coil cooktops that was beat up and broken. It should be in on Friday. We’ll see….

We also picked out the new paint colors for the place. I love doing that, though I really hate painting. I am a sloppy painter, even when I try my damnedest to be careful. Fishdog will do the majority of the painting because he’s really good at it. I wish he would let me hire someone…

Okay, it’s 4:22 now and I’m yawning. I wonder if I can go back to sleep now?