days go by

What day is it?


That’s been the strangest thing for me since I stopped working at my office job. I can’t keep up with the days of the week. Even the fact that I’m taking the kids to school everyday doesn’t seem to help. I’m always carting them around anyway, right?

I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s just strange that today is Friday and I’m not feeling that “THANK GOD!” excitement hum through me. And come Monday, I won’t feel that, “it’s really Monday?” sense of dread as my alarm goes off. That is a nice change. I feel much more even and happy.

Yesterday I completed my chapter. I’m thinking that library thing might really work out, so I’m gonna do it a couple of days a week, I think. But I have to take a sweater because they keep the temperature set on Meat Locker in there. Burrrrrrr.

Ian completed his first full week of cross-country yesterday. He’s been whining like an old lady about his thighs and how much he hurts. I just hand him two Advil and tell him to drink plenty of water. Poor baby. He thought because he was skinny that meant he was in shape. Hah!

Rader’s soccer team looks like they might be pretty good. I really like the coach, he’s Irish (so I love listening to him talk) and he loves soccer and he’s good with the kids. Fishdog’s gonna help out when he’s around more. Rader is still struggling with running, too. We’re gonna have to make this running thing into a family thing. Not that I’m any better off the elliptical. But I think I could manage ten mins of running. Maybe.

Fishdog is coming back tonight. Rader’s first game is tomorrow and the Fishdog has a game on Sunday. Ian’s first cross-country meet is the 19th. That should be interesting. I’ve never been to a cross-country meet before. I hope Ian’s competitive side kicks in and he runs through the pain. LOL

I’m taking the boys to the Catholic High football game tonight. They play my high school’s rival, Benton. It should be fun. I miss high school football and tonight should be perfect. Unless it’s raining. I don’t miss it that much.

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