Notes from the Universe

Sometimes the Universe knows exactly what a girl needs to hear…

The sad part, Melissa, is that they told you it’s wrong to be selfish, tacky to be vain, vulgar to be sexy, and wasteful to be rich.

The happy part is that they were just making all that up.

Probably just jealous of all you might do, be, and have. And afraid of all they might not.

Uh-oh… one of them is in trouble now, gotta bolt!

    The Universe

Melissa, follow your heart and get your groove on because, no matter what anyone said, it’s never too late to have it all. 

Thanks Universe. I think I will take your suggestion and run with it.

I’ve reported on my weight loss and other stuff over at FCR today. Go check it out and celebrate with me!

Tonight, Rader P. (#66 in your programs, #1 in your hearts) is playing at Benton. Wonder Foot Power…ACTIVATE!

weekend roundup

Friday was a laid back evening. Rader P and I watched The 5-Year Engagement which was quite funny. El Jefe read his book because “it is a movie with a wedding in it, therefore it is a chick flick.” I think there is a flaw in his thought process…last time I checked, The Hangover was a movie with a wedding in it and I don’t really think it qualifies as a chick flick. Oh well. Rader and I enjoyed it.

Saturday was very busy. I made Cheeseburger soup, salad, and garlic bread for my friends who’s little girl is going through her 6th(?) round of chemo. Maybe 7th. Either way, too much chemo for one sweet little body to go through. There is a Facebook page dedicated to her progress and they post tons of pics and updates if you’re interested in checking out the prettiest little princess on earth.

I also made some yummy crockpot chicken.

I got my new kicks in and planned to go walking DOWN BY THE RIVER, but the rain stopped me, so I had wine with Robyn instead.

Oh and my sweet little piggies were devastated, humiliated, and shat upon this weekend by Alabama. Dammit Bobby! Why’d you have to hire your little bimbo?!?!?! That’s okay, my spirit is broken, but not gone.

Sunday was a day of shopping for great deals at JcPenney. Ian and I rocked out some bargains and had a good time, to boot. Then I forced myself to go to the gym because it was raining again. And I have bootcamp tonight so I needed to make sure I got in a little exercise this weekend.

Boardwalk Empire is back! So crack tv night is almost restored.

Happy Monday, y’all.

Thursday Night Lights

#66 (aka Rader P. Francis) for the Catholic High freshman football team texted me from the bus yesterday as they were headed to their ballgame:

#66: Be expecting a 40-50 yarder today. I’m in the zone, judging from the reps I was getting before we left.

Me: Awesome. U better not let me down

#66: I certainly don’t plan on it…

Fastforward to the game. 4 punts. Two decent 30+ yarders. One maybe 20 yards long and 50 yards high…. and then…this one:

42 yards of nothing but beauty. (video courtesy of Fishdog)

Here are the texts on the way home: 

#66: Well that sucked…Except for my 3rd punt! [actually his 4th but that’s ok] That was freakin’ awesome!!!!!

Me: Amazing!!!!!!

#66 ikr!!! You should TOoOoOtally blog aboot it.!

Me: 😉 I will

#66: Huzzah! The prophecy has been fullfilled!

Then it ended with the various proud of you, love you, love you too, see ya tomorrow stuff.

Yep. My baby. He’s got a foot on him!

And speaking of babies…Check out Little-Itty-Bitty in her favorite person’s arms. (hint, not mine…my arms aren’t hairy….)

Sorry if the sweetness gave you a cavity.

Happy Friday y’all! Today is awesome, and I have declared it the official Love on a Redhead day.

and don’t forget to sparkle!


Boy, I love me some Bill Clinton. He did wonders as governor for my home state of Arkansas, and he did amazing things for our country as President. And last night, he kicked ass. And told the truth! (I’ve been reading the non-partisan fact checkers all morning and have been enjoying their struggle to find any actual lies in Clinton’s speech. There were exaggerations, which I expect in every political speech, but factually, Clinton did it right.) I hope Romney and Ryan were taking copious amounts of notes last night… If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, please do. No matter your political leanings, you have to admit this man is nothing if not inspiring.

In other, non-political news, Rader P has a football game in Conway tonight. I can’t wait to see him play. I missed his first game last week due to the fact that they scheduled it at 4:00 (thanks to Isaac) and it was 90 minutes away…I couldn’t get off early enough to make it. Made me sad, but thankfully, Rader understands that just showing up to all the games is not what makes a good parent. It’s the other stuff that counts.

In other, other news…I’m considering starting a M-W bootcamp next week…I’ll let you know if I survive…

burn baby burn and other stuff

It’s Tuesday. It feels like Monday. Probably because I spent the entire weekend working my ass off. Or at least Sunday & Monday I did…

We’ve been under a burn ban since May, so when Isaac rolled through last week, the ban was officially lifted and I officially got busy.

 Sunday afternoon, I stopped by my friend Lori’s house for some lasagna and Bellinis. Yum. And for a little reminiscing… She apparently just put together some old photo albums from our college years and thereafter…. Check out this beauty.

I believe this was the luau we had at our friend Dave’s house. This was actually between babies…I’m pretty sure summer of 96 or 97.  Beautiful, huh? hahahaha

Little-Itty-Bitty is doing well. She’s eating like nobody’s business and starting to do some exploring and playing. She seems to be getting some energy now that she’s fattening up. She is definitely a snuggly Kitty and she adores Jefe.

Hope y’all had a great holiday weekend. I’m exhausted still from all the burnin’ and cooking I did. (I made potato cakes and bacon for breakfast yesterday. Quiche for dinner. (I also did a Quiche on Sunday for some friends and on Saturday, made chili-cheese dip, bacon-ranch crazy bread for the Razorback watch party!) Woo Pig Sooie! It’s time for some football again!

places to go; people to see

Hoping to arrive in Oxford today just in time for Happy Hour. It will be the happiest hour of all if I get to see you there! Yes you. And even YOU! (sorry…not you though…)

Rader’s BFF still lives there and they haven’t had a chance to nerd out in a while, so after football practice this morning, we’re heading over.

Speaking of football…Check my monkey boy out. Half pads practice this morning. Aw. Why am I being all squishy about this?

OMG. I do have a heart. Shhhhhh. Don’t go spreading those ugly rumors that I’m sentimental and soft. I like it when people think I have no soul. Now, where’s my tissue. I’ve got something watery in my eye.

are you a Belieber? Tom Brady is…

I have to admit, I had a great time texting my friend the Godfodda pics of Tom Brady and making fun of the Pats. I was team Ravenclaw all the way, and we had mucho fun ribbing each other before the game.

Here’s a sample of the fun:

GodFodda: It is going to be awesome tomorrow watching the best QB in history go to another Super Bowl?

Me: Eli?

GF: He can’t wear his brother’s jock much less Mr. Brady’s.


GF: Now that’s funny. Untrue; but funny.

Then I shared a few more photos with him:

Tom Brady is a Belieber!

Tebow and Brady:  A Match Made in Heaven 
Naturally, when we arrived at the GodFodda’s house to watch the game, we were both raring to go. I was decked out in my Purple and Black:
And he was all, “Go Pats.”
So when the Ravens blew it in the end (Bless that kicker’s heart) the GodFodda brought out some very special Tom Brady champagne to celebrate:
I drank it because it was made from the Tears of Tim Tebow… 

lipstick on a razorback

Kiss me! I’m a hog fan and I’m wearing my red lips to prove it!

I’m also wearing my razorback charm on my charm necklace:

My razorback shirt and as always my razorback red hair:

Woo Pig! Let’s rock Jerry’s House tonight! I can’t wait to hang out at Cheers with some of my favorite people and cheer my little piggies to victory! And to all my friends who are heading to the game in high cotton, drive carefully!