mel francis: on writing

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No I am not Stephen King. No, I don’t want to be Stephen King. But I do have some things to say about writing.

I’ve been doing this “fulltime” writer thing since September. (I can’t count August because of the moving and my vacation.) Guess what I’ve discovered?

It ain’t easy!

Sometimes I think I accomplished more in the few hours at night and on the weekends than I do during the day. Part of that is because we haven’t settled in our own home yet. That will help. It’s difficult to get a routine going when your living with your parents or your in-laws. But, living with them is allowing me to stay a fulltime writer in today’s world. (Who wants 2 mortgages in this market? especially on 1 income!)

I’m finding my way. I have discovered I do better away from the house right now. I go to the library or to a little coffee shop in the morning and I write.

So, on that front, I am putting some finishing touches on a new proposal that Deidre will be sending out very soon. I can’t wait! I love this story!

Today, I’m working on BITE ME! I’m about halfway through the first draft and have high hopes to be finished with it mid-November. I had hoped to be finished end of October, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. But it will be finished early! I am determined. I want to get a jump start on book 2 (tentatively titled LOVE SUX!) and if the stars are aligned, I’ll have another contracted novel to be working on as well.

This has been Mel Francis: On Writing. This blog has been brought to you by the breast offices of Ta and Ta. Please don’t forget to donate.

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