run ian run!

My panic attack is well contained now. I wrote like the wind today, adding 13 new pages so far and will continue tonight after Rader’s soccer game.

Yesterday, Ian ran in his 3rd cross-country meet. They award the top twenty runners with ribbons and on his 1st meet, Ian came in 23rd. Close, but no cigar.

His 2nd meet, he kicked major ass, and came in 16th. Score a ribbon!

Yesterday, the track was a little longer and a little tougher. But not tough enough to keep that boy of mine out of the top 2o! He was 2oth and he walked away with another ribbon.

I’m very proud of my #1 boy. He’s never been a runner before. He’s now been running 3 days a week for about 6 weeks. He’s getting better and better. I hope he sticks it out.

Here’s a camera phone pic of my baby running toward the finish line.

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