not a real blog

Feeling like I should blog today, but I really don’t have anything valuable to say. Since it’s 10:35 pm, I guess I’m pushing it with the ‘today’ comment.

I know, my lack of words is a shock to those of you who know me. Go ahead; take a moment to write this date down. January 7, 2008: Mel Francis was speechless.


I really didn’t say I was speechless. I said I had nothing valuable to say. There is a difference. I can talk all damn day about nothing if I need to.

Today I spoke to both my fab agent and my fab editor. That was pretty cool.

Ian started his stint at Sylvan Learning Centers today. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Rader said his tongue looked normal all day. I think maybe he was disappointed that it no longer looked like Leatherface. I for one, am relieved.

Fishdog is going to Oxford this week. You guys take him out for a beer and get him on the soccer fields.

Oh! I got notification that I get to judge the RITAs this year. Now that is pretty cool. My first year as a “Published Author” so I get to judge the published books. Rockin’!

Hm. That’s really it, unless you wanna hear about the lawn guys who spent 2 hours next door blowing leaves and it was loud as shit because it was 75 degrees here and we had our windows open and the damn dogs barked at them the entire time.

Yeah, that was fun.

Love y’all. Maybe I’ll have a real blog tomorrow.

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