a wine by any other name…

So after my Math Destruction last night and again this morning…and after my parent-teacher conference today…I needed a bit of the vino.

I was very excited to discover it was wine day. I asked wine store dude if he could guide me to the Zolo Malbec (a wine from Argentina) and he regretted to inform me that they could not get Zolo due to the distributor they use.


But, wine store dude was on top of things. He quickly offered up an alternative.

WSD: the Pileta 39 is a fantastic Malbec. And it is Argentinean as well.
Me: Hmmm (not really caring WHERE it comes from. Just wanting it to be good)
WSD: Yes. It is always a 3 bottle buy for me.
Me: Hmmm.

So, I pick up a couple.

Dear Wine Store Dude, You are the fuckin’ bomb. Thank you. Me

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