working for the weekend?

Not when you’re a writer! I am working TOWARD the weekend, but probably I will spend much of Saturday and Sunday butt-in-chair. It’s okay, though. Next weekend, I’m headed to KC with my best friend from high school to visit my best friend from college and one of my kids’ godfather, so I have to get this finished before I leave.

Cake, I tell you. Cake.

I made it to the gym this morning. One more day to go to meet my goal of 3 days this week. Maybe I’ll do a bonus 4th day just cuz I’m feeling good.

On my list of things to do today:

Work on manuscript
Buy a corkboard
Buy cake mix for school fundraiser
Do laundry and clean kitchen

On a sad note, I’m just sick about the death of Heath Ledger. Sigh. Not only was he beautiful to look at, but he was a brilliant, young actor and father. Anyway, I know there is death everyday and we put celebrities up on a ridiculously high pedestal and it seems weird to mourn a man that I never knew. But honestly, he seemed like a good egg–like he was one of the actors who could redeem Hollywood to some extent.

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