I’m not Catholic and there are some things I just don’t get about Catholicism.

For instance, I don’t get the “no meat Fridays” but you can eat fish.

Huh? Unless the fish is made out of tofu (tofuish?) it’s a meat. So how are you really having meatless Fridays if you’re eating meat?

I also really don’t understand the idea behind lent. But since the boys are being educated in the catholic school system now, they are getting a full education.

Ian: Mom, what are you giving up for lent?
Me: Um. I’m not catholic. I’m not giving up anything.
Ian: Well, if you were, what would you give up.
Me: I think I’d give up talking to my children.
Ian: *rolling his eyes* MOM. It’s supposed to be a sacrifice.
Me: Heh. Oh yeah. Sorry.

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