Ian took first place in his fleet in the 100 yard dash! Whoo!

Honestly, I didn’t think he had it in him. 🙂

Today is stormy. I would like to stay in bed, but no can do. If it were tomorrow, things would be different. The kids are out for Teacher’s Workday or some such thing. I’m sure it won’t be storming at all tomorrow just because I’ll have the opportunity to lounge around. You know, until the late hour of 7:30.

I remember the days of sleeping until noon. I can’t do it anymore. I WANT to, but my body just refuses. Then there were the days I slept until 9:00. Boy, that would be fabulous nowadays. But, no. It doesn’t happen. Not anymore. Sometimes I can sleep until 8:00. But rarely afterwards.

As my kids say, I must be getting old.

Whatever. I’m too damn cute to be old.

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