Happy Rack Day!

The Governor declared today to be Happy Rack Day. Okay fine, it’s really called Go Pink Friday, but I think I like Happy Rack Day better. Anyway, save the ta tas, wear pink. So I am.

I’m also supporting my little piggies because my pink shirt is also a razorback shirt. And let’s face it, they can use all the support they can get right now…

Also, I’m sporting my new hair cut. Thank you, Katie for bringing back my bangs. I have missed them so! And I do love my Go Go Red!!

It’s gonna get cold and rainy this weekend. No me gusta. Yes, I love fall, but not cold, rainy fall!

Anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend. Don’t forget to check for lumps…and remember, it’s okay to ask for help. 🙂

oh yeah. Phil is my new hero.

This is me now:

This is where I wanna be:

Calgon El Jefe…take me awaaaaaaay! 🙂

You know I would rock that hat and a hammock. I know you know it…

It was 16 degrees this morning. That’s crazy cold. But at least we’re not buried under 2 feet plus of snow.

So I’d like to take a moment to give a hearty shout out to Punxsutawney Phil for predicting an early spring this year. You sir, are a king among rodents. Can we go ahead and start that early spring tomorrow?

thunder! lightnin’! the way you love me is frightenin’…

Woke this morning to a major thunderstorm. I pulled the covers to my chin and snuggled with the pug until the last moment possible.

Damn I hate being an adult and doing responsible things like getting out of bed and parenting and stuff.

The kids were hoping we were gonna be in the ice, ice baby part of the state, so they were sad when I began the early morning rise and shine wrangling. They both decided that soccer rules should apply to school. If lightning strikes within X number of miles to the school, school should be canceled.

Sorry boys. But nice try.

Can I take a moment here to complain about people who don’t know how to drive when the rain is coming down in sheets and the visibility is in the negatives? THE RAIN CAN SEE US BUT WE CAN’T SEE ANYTHING SO PLEASE STOP DRIVING 110 MPH AND CUTTING IN FRONT OF ME THEN STOPPING ON A DIME! And please, please stop tailgating. Oh, just get off the damn road, everyone. /rant.

This is gonna be one of those weird Arkansas days. It was 55 and storming this morning. Temps are gonna drop all day and we have the possibility of snow and ice tonight with a low of 21. That’s just crazy talk. The only thing that will make the snow/ice thing ok for me is if it’s THUNDER SNOW! I experienced THUNDER SNOW once with my friend Jen when we were in KC visiting Nick. For these two southern girls, it was awesome. And actually a little freaky. But awesome.

I want more THUNDER SNOW.

Am thinking that might need to be someone’s wrasslin’ name.

In honor of today’s stormy weather, I’m gonna post one of my favorite pics that I took last year. The kids and I were at the Travelers baseball game and a storm moved in. We stayed (because they discounted the beer…) and I took this awesome shot. I’m so ready for spring and more time in the beer garden at Dickey Stephens Park.

changing seasons

I’m a little torn this year about moving from summer to fall. I’m not quite ready to give up my pool and lake time. I’ve had a great summer with friends and I’d really like to keep it going. Sunshine makes me happy. (it makes Ruby happy, too! and when the pug is happy, Everybody’s happy…)

That said, I’m also ready for fall. Sometimes there’s nothing better than waking up and having a cup of coffee on my screened in porch with a little chill in the air.

Or sleeping with the windows open! I love the fresh air and the battling sounds between city and country life.

And then there’s red wine. Mmmmm. I don’t drink it Alot a lot in the summer, but man in the fall…I can drink me some Pinot Noir or Cab Sav. Mmmmmmmmmm. Momma like.

And we can’t forget Foozball. I’m so ready. I do love to watch a good college game on the weekends and even head to the bar on a Monday night with my friend Jenn C. when the Ravens play. (I’m just supportive like that, you know.)

You know what else I love but haven’t done in FOR-FREAKING-EVER? Fall camping. I’d love to tent camp for a night or two, go hiking, cook some stew in a dutch oven over an open fire…have some Hot Damn to warm my inside parts. You can’t do that in the summer here in Arkansas. It’s just too bloody hot! But starting now through October and sometimes mid-November, you absolutely can.

So I’m not ready to let go of summer yet, but I am so ready to start participating in my favorite fall activities. I guess it really doesn’t matter what I want though, does it. The season will change with or without my permission. I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that I’M IN CHARGE NOW, BITCH. Hmph.


Summer is hands down my favorite season. People tend to complain about the heat and humidity, and yes, sometimes even I get a little too hot (heh, as if being too hot is a real problem) but the fact is, I love summer.

As a little girl, my daddy would take me camping for 2 weeks at a time. I remember pitching the tent, building fires, losing my fishing poles in the lake. (was devastated the year I lost my Snoopy rod. I mean, it was MY SNOOPY ROD AND REEL FOR CRISPIES’ SAKE!)

I still love to camp, but I prefer to do it in the fall months. Even if the heat and humidity doesn’t melt me, the inside of a tent tends to bake me somewhat. I’m too old for that now.

My parents have a place on Lake Ouachita and we go quite often. We’re all about drifting on the pontoon boat, partaking in a few beverages, soaking up the vitamin d and just enjoying the day. The video below is exactly what I love about summer. This is what we do…minus the girls on the stripper pole. Not that I’m opposed to girls on stripper poles…it’s just not something my 15 year old son is quite ready for!

What is your fave season? And what is the one thing you love most about summer?

just another manic monday

Mondays are always so busy!

I’m over at Fictionistas, talking about the sense of smell.

I’ll be blogging at Fat Chicks Running later today. I went to the gym TWICE this weekend. I know, you’re shocked. So am I. I’m also planning another video blog this week…if I can somehow manage to hide my Cartman chin. I’d also like to change my voice. Am I the only one who hates to hear my recorded self?

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. I swear it was just Friday. And now, Christmas is a week away and I’m trying to figure out when it became December. I swear I was just in my bathing suit, allowing the sun to worship me. Honestly, am I the only one who thinks time is flying by at warp speed? (look! Cartman chin is gone! Maybe I should Vlog looking up…)

Time flies when you’re growing old?

Speaking of old: A shout out to my niece Zzer (zeezer–nickname for Elizabeth) who turns 13 today.

Oh and just to give y’all proper notice, Fishdog turns 40 tomorrow. Yes. He’s gonna beat me to the big 4-0. Nothing makes me happier.

It’s a busy week here at Chez Francis. I’ll be writing my fingers to the bone. I have a lofty page goal for the week, I’ll keep you posted on that. Also, we’re supposed to get iced in tonight. Love Arkansas weather. It was 65 degrees yesterday. It’s 33 now.

While I’m at the gym, why don’t y’all tell me about your weekend?


Ian took first place in his fleet in the 100 yard dash! Whoo!

Honestly, I didn’t think he had it in him. 🙂

Today is stormy. I would like to stay in bed, but no can do. If it were tomorrow, things would be different. The kids are out for Teacher’s Workday or some such thing. I’m sure it won’t be storming at all tomorrow just because I’ll have the opportunity to lounge around. You know, until the late hour of 7:30.

I remember the days of sleeping until noon. I can’t do it anymore. I WANT to, but my body just refuses. Then there were the days I slept until 9:00. Boy, that would be fabulous nowadays. But, no. It doesn’t happen. Not anymore. Sometimes I can sleep until 8:00. But rarely afterwards.

As my kids say, I must be getting old.

Whatever. I’m too damn cute to be old.

the spring breaks

Last year, we went to Orlando via Tallahassee for Spring Break. I got to hang out with my best friend and CP, Maria Geraci before I headed off to the World of Disney and the Studios of Universal. We had a tiring but fantastic time.

This year, we’re at home. The boys have soccer camp in the mornings, but their afternoons are fairly free. Ian’s girlfriend is out of town, so he spends much of his day texting her. He has come down with a cold, so yesterday, he slept the day away. Rader is spending his days catching up on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne show. My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Madea and she makes guest appearances on the show, so they eat it up.

Spring Break is only fun when you go somewhere. So, I took Rader and his cousins to the Little Rock Zoo yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Unfortunately, the entire population of Little Rock joined us there. Crowded as shit. Oh well.

I’ve exercised everyday this week. It helps when I have a good book downloaded to my iPod and right now, I’m listening to Jennifer Weiner’s Goodnight Nobody. I’m enjoying it. I really like her style. I think I’ll download Sophie Kinsella’s latest “un” shopaholic book next.

I’m off to the salon to get my hairs cut and colored. I need a pedicure badly. Maybe if I wear sandals, they’ll take pity on me and offer one for free….

Anything special happening this week?

the great disappointment is now the almost awesome

It’s hard to take pictures when snowballs are being launched at your head.

We now have close to 2 inches of snow. It’s falling steadily, so we may make that 4 inch prediction. That would be nice. Some communities have logged up to 18 inches. I don’t know what I would do with that kind of snow. LOL